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Harnesses - Leather

Our harnesses are a simple and effective '2 in 1' design. The harness neck strap can also be used as just a collar 

We make each harness with adjustable buckles for the neck and chest. A strong D-ring is attached to the back strap to bring control emphasis away from the neck and onto the chest area.

The strap widths available are 1/2", 3/4" and 1".


The Harness is made in plain leather and you can add embellishments to personalise the design. You can choose crystals, pearls, beads or even Leopard animal print design in white, pink or brown...just choose from the click down menu.

Our unique design allows you to use the collar for everyday use or simple attach the back section for a safe and secure walking harness... 2 in 1!

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Some special orders. Pearls & Gold and Fleur de Lys


Vest Harnesses - Fabric & Leather

Harnesses start from £20 and are made to order... We have a few popular designs in our Tallulah Shop but please ask if you wish to change the design or colours...we will be happy to try and make whatever style you like.... 

These are just a few ideas..

Harnesses are made from fabric, faux leather or real leather. They are secured with strong velcro and have a strong welded D ring on the back for lead attachment. 

If you have a theme or event, please contact us as we love your design challenges and can always come up with a unique and fun harness to meet your requirements.

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